Houman Javid

Music by Houman Javid (Vocals, Keyboards & Egyptian Drums) featuring Babak Riyahipour (Bass Guitar)& Shahrokh Pourmiyamin (Lead Guitar & Production)
Poem : Molana Jalaleddin Rumi



These are 2 records track for Houman Javid:     Download (Raghs)               Download (Track 1)


These are some of my records for practice. You may like them. Some of them are not my style but I like them a lot !


Cat’s Rock      Bavar Kon     Beri Safar      Gipsy Improvise      Moliendo Café


Copyright © 2005 All rights reserved for Omid Afkhami


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اگر مايل هستيد ما را در صفحه لينک سايت خود قرار دهيد، می توانيد از نشان زير استفاده کنيد

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