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Latest Protest Against Islamic Military Regime in Iran آخرین تظاهرات علیه رژیم نظامی اسلامی در ایران

Spread the word 22 Bahman 1388- February/11/201تکثیر کنیم 22 بهمن 0

It is not about Ahmadi nejad or Kamene-ee, It's about changing The Islamic Military Regime in IRAN

Thank you for your clips and articles با سپاس از كليپ ها ومطالب شما عزيزان از سراسر جهان

Long live the brave people of Iran. “The gloves are off.“ No one can now doubt that change is coming.”

How would you feel to be subject to brutality, imprisonment, and watching your family and friends disappear. How would you feel when your brother or sister gets taken away and killed in prison. The Iran media are not allowed by Islamic Regime to be filming if they do they are not allowed to release footage, so that's why there are amateur footage with mobile phones. It is amazing how the Islamic Regime's police in Iran instead of protecting people they are killing the Iranian people. That Islamic Regime's police force isn't there to protect the people. It is there to protect the Islamic Regime in place. Another real criminals are the Basiji who are brutal and shoot the people or run over people with heavy cars. The Islamic Regime control the media in Iran. Closing off the internet" means that any.. yes, any website which lets you talk or read freely, is banned in Iran! So 99.9% of the protesting people cannot access those websites (even Yahoo Mail, Gmail, ...). So we better find a way to be a part of this upcoming peoples victory and make it happen sooner. Is it possible to see something  like during the French revolution when the soldiers showed up and started helping the revolters !!!?? All we'd do is watch these videos, say "that's horrible!" then go back to eating our dinner in our nice comfy homes, forget about it, and do absolutely nothing about it. like what happened in Nazi Germany ,until 4-6 million get killed people here wont notice and then its very late and we don't need another holocaust people get real , a regime who kills its own people for just asking where is my vote and shoot and ran over them with heavy cars ,easily will wipe all of you from the map let alone Israel.

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Latest Protest Against Islamic Military Regime in Iran آخرین تظاهرات علیه رژیم نظامی اسلامی در ایران

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